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What kind of a book is it?

Years ago I received a complimentary copy of Outlander at the Romance Writers of America conference. It had a different cover than the typical sale copy. This one featured a list.


Diana Gabaldon’s one novel fit into all of these genres.


After seeing this cover, I quit worrying about what genre my novel would fall into and just wrote the story I wanted to tell. My draft of Passages turned out to be: a science fiction fantasy romance with a mystery solved by an amnesiac and a psychic cyborg on an adventure that ends with a happily-ever-after.

Whew, that’s mouthful! Though the story has elements of many genres, the primary ones are science fiction and romance. This union walks the proverbial fence between hardcore science fiction advocates and lovers of the happily-ever-after: write too far to either side and the other reader group grumbles. The potential science fiction romance—or SFR—must be accessible to both.

Not sure if you’re reading or writing SFR? You’re not alone.

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade at gives the following definition:

“Science Fiction Romance, within the context of this group, is any original work of fiction that contains futuristic or imaginative settings where technology (not magic) and human or alien characters are the focus (not vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters or other traditional fantasy characters).”

Following this definition is an extensive, but not exhaustive list of examples, a few of which are: alien romance, alternate history romance, military science fiction romance, space opera romance, steampunk romance, and time travel romance.

Still, I have to place my novel in a category to go upon the virtual shelf—haven’t gained Diana-level status yet! I’ve picked:

Romance –> Science Fiction


Science Fiction & Fantasy –> Science Fiction –> Space Opera

I hope my readers cross orbits with it!


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The door opened. Out rushed a couple in the midst of an argument.

“Evard, I need more information to reassure people,” said a woman with an English accent. “Not to mention, you’re in charge, and she’ll pitch a fit if that report isn’t complete when she returns.”

A broad back encased in an orange coat blocked my view of her. The man topped me by a good half foot and spanned twice my bulk. The back began to shake with laughter.

“Ah, my fair nymph, you can’t say when that might be,” the blond man replied in a rich but strangely accented baritone. “Besides, I’m not leaving the Post, merely taking a break until that other source comes through. Let loose a bit and let me have my fun.”

“Oh, I can’t stop you, so do what you want. And don’t call me your fair nymph.”

“Aw, I try not to, but when you look like that, all in a snit, I revert to my past. Forgive me, my girl, and just remember you yourself have enjoyed many transgressions over the years. Here.” He pulled a palm-sized, leather-bound book from his side pocket. “Borrow my handbook and look them up. I shan’t be.”

The man thrust the black book at her and strode toward the center of town, leaving the girl scowling on the stoop. She stood as tall as I, about five-foot-nine, with a fit weight. A little younger than I, perhaps. Dressed in a sort of old-world outfit—a long brown skirt and vest over a long-sleeved tan blouse. Definitely a local Aardite.

She saw me and gasped. Her full pink lips opened as wide as her gray eyes, surprise evident in every creamy feature.

“I beg your pardon,” I said. “Didn’t mean to startle you, but the door opened and I didn’t want to interrupt… Sorry.”

The pretty girl released her breath, and a slight smile transformed her features. “That’s quite all right. Is there something I can help you with?” She stepped aside and gestured me in while clasping a pile of books, including the little black one.

Despite my need for medical information, I found myself not caring much about books.


 “Find someone you can trust.”

For decades, Eve and her fellow electorgs—part human, part machine—have worked on the quiet planet of Aarde, beating back toxic spores that threaten to poison the native people. When the new commander halts work right before a deadly spore release, Eve frantically plots to protect the villagers she considers friends and family.

On the run after an ambush, Quinn holds a secret that nearly got him killed. If only he knew what it was. Though the attack scrambled his memories, Quinn is sure of one thing—he can’t trust the electorgs. But they know information he desperately needs to puzzle out who wants him dead, and why.

With the fate of life on Aarde in the balance, the logic of joining forces with Eve overrides Quinn’s fears…and erupts into an attraction that could prove fatal for both of them.

Because the planet’s commander might just be Quinn himself.


Passages is on preorder & sale for .99 through February 5th.

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Author bio:


Before kids, Laurel Wanrow studied and worked as a naturalist—someone who leads wildflower walks and answers calls about the snake that wandered into your garage. During a stint of homeschooling, she turned her writing skills to fiction to share her love of the land, magical characters and fantastical settings.

When not living in her fantasy worlds, Laurel camps, hunts fossils and argues with her husband and two new adult kids over whose turn it is to clean house. Though they live on the East Coast, a cherished family cabin in the Colorado Rockies holds Laurel’s heart.

Find Laurel at:

Website| Twitter| Facebook | Pinterest| Goodreads



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