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Then and Now

What a strange journey it’s been… Doing something a little different for today’s blog post. I’m going to get all introspective. No not that the answer to life = 42 and if all else fails X = 8 (although I

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Beginnings, Challenges and Victories!

What if a painting could trap someone in time? Make them immortal for as long as the painting existed (enter Hero). And what if someone else (enter Villain) used that knowledge to curse someone into keeping them alive too? Those

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Writing Update

Sooo…with Shoalman Immortal all wrapped up and in final stages of launch and release **COVER REVEAL COMING DECEMBER 10TH** we thought we’d give a quick writing update to talk about what we’re working on now. TONI: I’m finishing up a

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Sharing Some Art

As we gear up for the cover reveal (Hey, December 10th, I’m looking at you. *wink*wink*) and the release of Book 2 of The Shoalman Chronicles: SHOALMAN IMMORTAL (Whoa, January 16th! That’s so far away. And yet so close. *bites

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