Meet Carmen and Victor – A Character Interview

Dark Ink EmbraceToday we wanted to introduce Carmen and Victor from DARK INK EMBRACE, our newest book available now for pre-order and available September 15th! And who better to introduce these two characters than our favorite interviewer, Mandy Hayworth from IMAGES ETERNAL. Mandy has a way of bringing out something special in everyone she talks to, even when they have no idea. Without further ado….

Mandy: So, readers. I have a special treat for you today. Today I’m talking to Carmen and Victor, special friends to Eternity. Carmen, tell my readers how you’re related to the band.

Carmen: *leans forward timidly* Lucien is my brother.

Mandy: Correction. Lucien is your super awesome, hot as hell brother.

Carmen: If you say so. *eyeroll*

Mandy: I definitely say so. *nods* Victor. Tells us about your tattoos.

Victor: I have a few tattoos. Some are white. Some aren’t. *shrugs* Not sure what there is to tell.

Mandy: How much of your body would you say is covered in ink?

Victor: Uh… I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it.

Mandy: My readers are certainly thinking about it. It’s all they want to know. Take off your shirt so we can see?

Victor: I’m not taking off my shirt.

Lucien: *growling voice* Mandy….you can’t interview Victor shirtless.

Mandy: Fine. Victor can keep his shirt on. It’s not like I wanted him to take it off. It’s for my readers. *whispers to Carmen* Has Lucien been there the whole time?

Carmen: *nods*

Mandy: *mumbles* Okay. We’ll do this with your shirt on, but my readers will be disappointed.

Victor: *clears throat* *turns to Carmen* Tell me why doing this interview is a good idea again?

Carmen: Uh, I don’t know. *turns to Mandy* Why are you interviewing us?

Mandy: Mostly, because my readers like to read about hot musicians and Victor definitely fits the bill.

Victor: Except, I’m not a musician.

Mandy: And why the hell not? You’re sexy, brooding and all kinds of tattooed. You have Rock Star material written all over you.

Victor: Minus the music part.

Mandy: *aghast* You don’t like music. *clasps hand to heart*

Victor: I like music just fine, I don’t play any, though. I don’t even sing.

Carmen: Well there was that one time…

Victor: Carmen!

Mandy: Yes, Carmen. Do go on. Tell me all about that time. Was there nudity? *waggles eyebrows*

Carmen: Maaaaybe. I mean not during or anything. But right before. *deep sigh* And then again after.

Mandy: Ooohhhh. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Victor: *clears throat* Uh… we are not talking about that time. *shifts uncomfortably in seat*

Mandy: Come on, V. My readers love to read about sexy times. And the things guys do to woo their women. Was their cuddling involved?

Carmen: Definitely. Victor is a fantastic cuddler.

Mandy: Awe. Isn’t that sweet.

Victor: Whoa, babe. What are you doing here?

Carmen: *turns to Victor* What? There’s nothing wrong with cuddling.

Victor: Right. PRIVATELY. When we’re alone and it’s just the two of us, I’ll cuddle with you all night if you let me. But no need to broadcast that information all over… *turns to Mandy* Where are your readers?

Mandy: My blog is worldwide. *nods* Plenty of followers to swoon over a hotty like you, wishing you were cuddling with them tonight.

Victor: *blushes* Oh my god. *puts face in hands* *mumbles* This is a disaster.

Mandy: Ooh we can see a few more tattoos when you sit like that.

Victor: *stands up* This interview is over. *stomps off*

Mandy: Did I mention he’s moody, too? See. He really should be a rock star!

Carmen: And he’s all mine. *biggest smile in the room*

And that, my friends, pretty much sums up Victor. He’s gorgeous, all kinds of tattooed, and brooding sexy. Exactly they way we like him! And Carmen wouldn’t want him any other way.

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