Exclusive Excerpt ~ Images Eternal


Can I say that *this* might be one of my favorite early scenes with Lucien and Mandy?? Can I? Hope so since I already said it. Hope you like it half as much as I do…

An Exclusive excerpt from IMAGES ETERNAL by Toni Decker.

“You know, Angel,” a dulcet voice sang behind her. “I don’t recall sending press invites out for this rehearsal.”

Mandy stilled. Hot breath warmed her neck. Every hair on her body stood straight up and a few curled. “And here I thought mine had just been lost in the mail.” She turned, facing the solid mass of gorgeousness.

“I would hand deliver any invite I intended you to have.” Lucien paused just inches from her and Mandy reminded herself that breathing was not only allowed, but a necessity for survival. Leaning against the edge of the bar, Lucien lifted his gaze to hers and smiled.

“Wow,” she mouthed but couldn’t be certain whether she said the words out loud or let them linger in her head. Mandy inhaled the scent of freshly shaven skin, soft and tempting. Restraining herself from reaching out to touch him, she settled for leaning in closer and letting his smell inhabit every one of her pores.

“Consider this an invite to stay.” His hand lingered in the air between the bar top and her arm. Mandy didn’t back away, transfixed on his movements until he brushed a lock of hair off her shoulder, his finger lightly trailing across her skin. Most times the move would have the perpetrator on his knees in agony. This time Mandy’s knees were the ones to shake.

“But absolutely no pictures,” Lucien whispered. “Or I’ll have Carl over there carry your fine ass right out that door.”

Laughing, Mandy hesitated. First, no way would Carl touch her. She’d have his parole officer over here so fast he wouldn’t see her ass. And Carl knew this.

Second, who did Lucien think he was? A rock star? He was barely a member of Demon Dogs, and at this rate, he’d never take them to rock star status. Not without her laying the foundation of information for the local music scene to absorb.

Third, he had noticed her ass and this pleased her a whole lot more than it should.

Mandy hugged her camera tight to her chest. No one had ever forbid her from taking pictures.

“Fine, I’ll just listen,” Mandy said. He might not want her taking pictures with her camera, but that didn’t stop her from raking her gaze over every inch of his body. The dark alley hadn’t done his hotness justice.




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One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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