Character Interview ~ Mandy & Lucien make an interviewer blush!

4500x2820_Amazon_eBook_Images_Eternal_final v1.0We have a special treat for all the character interview fans out there. We are pleased to announce that THE SCENE has managed to snag an exclusive interview with the lead singer of Eternity, L.J. Slone and the photographer credited with launching the band into the music sphere, Mandy Hayworth, of the music-photoblog, Behind the Scenes. Thank you both for being here.

LUCIEN: It’s a pleasure. *smiles*

SCENE: Wow. Your pictures don’t hold a candle to the real baby blues and smile. That’s a heart stopper right there.

MANDY: *chuckles* Yeah, he’s pretty inspiring, especially when he blushes like that.

LUCIEN: Okay, you two promised not to gang up on me. *squirms* How about we answer some questions. You know, about the band.

SCENE: You got it. Eternity is the hottest local band in the music scene right now. Impressive after only a couple of months. But up until last summer, Lucien, you were pretty much an unknown entity. How did you originally manage to score a write up on one of the hottest music blogs in the area.

IE_teaser4LUCIEN: That’s easy. She stalked me.


LUCIEN: What? It’s true. *dodges half-hearted shove* You waiting outside the club to get the first pictures. In the rain I might add. Man was that hot!

SCENE: In the rain?

MANDY: I wanted the scoop on this new singer who supposedly sang like an angel, yet no one knew anything about. *shrugs* I’ve waited in worse conditions.

SCENE: But it wasn’t until right before their debut that you released any pictures. How come?

MANDY: Someone was a bit camera shy. It took me a while to get him to loosen up.

SCENE: He made you wait?

MANDY: Did he ever—

LUCIEN: *interrupts* Holding images and only releasing snippets was part of my marketing design to get people intrigued. *grins* It worked.

SCENE: So you were a part of the strategy, Mandy?

MANDY: *chuckles* More like the wrench in his plan, but it worked out. Once I put the images together, the results were beyond even what I envisioned. *shrugs* What can I say. He was worth waiting for.

SCENE: Hmmm, I think the temperature just rose about ten degrees in here. Okay next question. Lucien, where do you get your inspiration for your music?

LUCIEN: Mostly my mother. She taught me to play at a very young age. Music was always a part of my life. When she passed away, I felt a need to honor what she taught me, share my gift with the world. It took some time to find the right band. The other members of Eternity, Jay, Rusty and Adam, gave me that chance.

SCENE: And it’s been profitable for all of you. Dark Angel seems latched to a rocket on its way up the charts and people are already clamoring for the full album even before the next single releases. How’s that make you feel.

IE_teaser2LUCIEN: Incredible, astonished. *laughs* Terrified. Mandy’s been a huge part in getting the word out to fans and getting us noticed in more than just the local scene.

SCENE: That she has. Mandy, your photos are, to put it simply, freaking amazing. A few featuring Eternity have even won awards. How do you do it?

MANDY: It’s the band really. When you hear the right music, you feel it. The sound permeates straight into your soul and wraps you up in strings you don’t want to untangle. I just managed to capture that intensity in my photographs.

SCENE: But what’s your secret?

MANDY: *smiles coyly* Well if I told you, then it wouldn’t be a secret now would it.

LUCIEN: She’s good at keeping secrets too. *snickers quietly*

SCENE: I have the feeling I’m missing some inside joke here.

MANDY: Most definitely.

SCENE: Where does Eternity go from here? Rumors have been hinting at a national if not international tour coming up.

LUCIEN: I can’t confirm anything yet.

SCENE: But you’re not denying it either. Come on, maybe just a hint.

LUCIEN: Plans are being made *holds up a finger* for something. I’m sure Mandy’s Musical Monday’s blog will be the first to announce any details. *smiles at Mandy*

SCENE: Watching you together, there is no way to deny there is something between you two. Spill. What’s the deal?

LUCIEN: Well, I mean…she’s the band’s photographer.

MANDY: Really? That’s you answer? *huffs* Sharon, if you had the chance to follow around the next up and coming band on its way to the top, not to mention spending your days and nights around this sexy piece sitting *chuckles* or currently squirming next to me, I ask you. What would you do?

SCENE: *laughs* I’d jump in your place in a heartbeat. And you’re right, he is hot when he blushes.

LUCIEN: Oh hell. Fine. You want an answer? Here’s your answer. *leans over and plants a slow sensual kiss on Mandy* This woman makes me want to sing every moment of every day, for all Eternity.

SCENE: Well folks, if that isn’t a show closer, I don’t what is. Tune in next time for more inside insights of your music & art scene.

IE_tesaer3Want to learn more about Lucien and Mandy?
Check out their story in Images Eternal, available at Amazon or Nook.

If Images are worth a thousand words, hers sing a thousand Eternal songs. 
When forbidden from taking pictures of the newest lead singer for an up and coming band, Mandy Hayworth wants to know why. With a supernatural ability to expose truths with her camera, she’s determined to find out his secrets.

Lucien Solvak only had to make a date, give an interview to the hottest local music photographer, get her endorsement, and get out. But when her camera threatens to expose an immortal secret he’s sworn to protect, Lucien has to choose which is more important. The girl, his music, or his life.

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One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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