Shadows and Light – By Nancy C Weeks

What happens when you gather five McNeil brothers together in one place? 

Total McNeil hotness
Strong women
and most importantly, 


Shadows and Light The Complete Series

Now you can have all that together in this fantastic boxed set
Shadows and Light – The complete series – by Nancy C. Weeks

What? You don’t know about the McNeil brothers?


Then by all means let’s introduce them to you!

Meet five Irish brothers, all sworn to protect and serve – and the smart women who help them take down the terrorists gunning for their family. Lock up your heart: when it comes to love, the sexy McNeils know how to walk this beat.
  • In the Shadow of Greed: Brilliant cryptologist Dr. Sarah Tu races against time to block the most dangerous Internet malware ever created – and it’s up to FBI agent Jason McNeil to make sure she stays alive long enough to do it.
  • In the Shadow of Evil: After ten years with Maryland’s Special Crime Unit, very little rattles Jared McNeil. Then his nemesis resurfaces, with his sights set on the woman Jared is honor bound to protect.
  • In the Shadow of Malice: Adam Blake, ex-CIA operative, has gone to great lengths to keep his identity a secret, but his cover’s blown when he ends up on the run with waitress Calista Martin to protect his little girl.
  • In the Shadow of Pride: When Lexie Trevena’s matchmaking friends accidentally place her smack in the path of a terrorist who intends to use her as his pawn, the only person who can help her is Special Agent-in-Charge Luke “Mac” McNeil – the man she holds responsible for her husband’s death.
  • In the Shadow of Vengeance: Elizabeth Merlot can’t afford to let handsome Detective Noah McNeil discover her secret past. But when trouble finds her son, Noah may be the only one who can save their lives.
Sensuality Level: Sensual




And if you think Nancy’s amazing suspense writing is limited to only her good guys, guess again, as I soon found out when Nancy came to visit our blog.


Little did I know she brought guests…

Nancy: Kira, it is such a pleasure to be back on your blog. You have read all five books from Shadows and Light: The Complete Series and have met all the characters.
Kira: I have and love all your books. But I do have a particular soft spot for a certain “Mac”Neil.
Nancy: In your review for In the Shadow of Malice, you wrote, “Nancy’s villains are evil and I do mean evil. They have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, making the flawed but charming heroes even more appealing in contrast.”
Kira: I did. Your villains are enough to make me check under the bed for monsters. *Spider senses tingling – Think Nancy is about to put ME on the blog spot*
Nancy: For this blog visit, I thought it might be fun for you to meet a couple of my villains and see for yourself if you still believe they have no redeeming qualities. I would like to introduce Elías Mendoza from In the Shadow of Evil and In the Shadow of Vengeance and Mick Ryan from In the Shadow of Pride.
[Both men enter the room. Mendoza is dressed in a dark navy suit that screams expensive. Ryan on the other hand wears black jeans with a black t-shirt, the muscles in his torso, shoulders and arms well toned. Mendoza approaches Kira and holds out his hand.]
Elías Mendoza: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kira.
Kira: Oh shi…Well, this is a surprise.” [I shake his hand – Firm. Confident. Arrogant] *Think I’m in trouble*
[Mendoza chooses the wingback chair, sits with his back straight and a knowing grin, charm oozing from every pore. Mick Ryan doesn’t say a thing as he drops into the loveseat. His facial features are hard, cold. Nancy must have dragged him here by the ear.]
Kira: It’s an unexpected pleasure to meet both of you. To start this interview, can each of you tell my readers a little about yourself? Nancy considers you her villains. Do you think of yourselves as bad guys?
Mick Ryan: Hell no! I should be called a hero for what I have done. I’m a soldier who fought for this country.
Elías Mendoza: Now Ryan, let us not attack this beautiful woman. Kira, is simply conducting an interview. You don’t mine me calling you Kira?
Kira: Not at all. What should I call you?
Elías Mendoza: Elías, please. It’s a pleasure to be here. I hope to change your mind about me. To answer your question, my name is Elías Mendoza and I control a multi-national corporation.
Kira: An illegal corporation …
Elías Mendoza: Some, but not all of my businesses are legal. In fact, I deal with some of the most powerful people in the world. Why would they associate with me if I had no redeeming qualities? [He leans back and leers]
Kira: [Why indeed – I mutter under my breath] Elías, can you tell me about your relationship with Jennie McNeil?
Elías Mendoza: Jennie and I have an understanding. She is destined to be with me.
Kira: How could that be possible? You killed her parents and brother.
Elías Mendoza: Careful, Kira. Spoiler Alert.” [He lets out a harsh laugh and glances at Nancy] We are connected by a bond so much stronger than anything that bastard Jared McNeil could provide her. The moment we saved each other, our bond was sealed. [His irises swim in pools of blackness] I never let go of what is mine.
Kira: Jared McNeil might differ in that opinion [Swallow when I realize I might be taunting evil itself and turn to Mick Ryan] So Mr. Ryan, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Mick Ryan: Readers don’t like me very much but I don’t give a fu—I don’t care what they think of me. I was a damn good soldier.
Kira: That isn’t why they don’t like you. There was that business with a drone that raised a few eyes. Can you tell us a little why you went after Lexie Trevena?
Mick Ryan: In war, we use the resources available to meet our mission objectives. I have nothing against Lexie. She was a means to an end.
Kira: But you are no longer a soldier …
Mick Ryan: Once a soldier, always a soldier. The battle didn’t end in the Middle East. It followed us home. But those damn politicians in Austin and DC have their heads up their as—sorry, Nancy said to keep it PG. I’m just protecting my country.
Kira: If you could rewrite one scene in Nancy’s book, what would it be?
[Both men glared at each other]  The ending!
Kira: Fair enough. I get that you don’t care for the ending. Nancy ends her books with happy-ever-afters that tugs at her reader’s heart strings. Don’t you believe in love?
Mick Ryan: I love my country.
Elías Mendoza: It’s an illusion.
Kira: So you’re not in love with Jennie, Elías?
Elías Mendoza: Jennie’s mine. I own her and she owns me. Love doesn’t exist.
Kira: All right, then. [Looks at the doorway – gauging the distance to the exit.] Maybe a couple fun questions. Mr. Ryan, what is your favorite food?”
Mick Ryan: Why the hell do you want to know that? [Nancy clears her throat] Fine! If MREs are good enough for the men I served with, they are good enough for me.
Elías Mendoza: Neanderthal! You have no class. [His eyes rake Kira from head to toe, returning to her breasts.] How about I show you? Have dinner with me.
Kira: [Throat dry, but fakes a smile] I don’t think that’s a good idea. Besides being married to a Marine, I like my men a little less … evil.
Mick Ryan: [He stands. His back straight and expression is almost too cold to meet eye to eye.] Nancy said we had to answer a couple questions. This interview is over.
Elías Mendoza: [He reaches for Kira’s hand, kissing her knuckles.] Did we redeem ourselves?
Kira: [Shudder] I think I’ll withhold judgment until my readers have had a chance to experience you through Nancy’s books. This has been an…interesting interview. I appreciate you both taking time to talk to me.  I can’t wait for the readers to get to know you both a little better.
Elías Mendoza: They may realize that Ryan and I aren’t the true villains.
Kira: They could, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
[Elías Mendoza and Mick Ryan leave, closing the door behind them.]
Nancy: I feel I need to apologize.
Kira: Girlfriend, when you write a villain, you go over the top! How did you live in their heads for months?
Nancy: I had the McNeil brothers and my amazing heroines to balance the scales.
Kira: *Envisions a certain Special-Agent-In-Charge McNeil* [Dreamy sigh] Mmm, yeah, that would definitely balance the scales a bit.
Nancy: Thanks so much for inviting me back. I left behind a short blurb of each of the books in Shadows and Light: The Complete Series. I better get those two back where they belong.
Kira: [Letting out a noisy huff] Wherever you plan to hold those two, buy a larger lock.


So did Nancy’s villains redeem themselves? Not sure?
Then pick up Shadows and Light today and judge for yourself.
As a bonus you get to meet the McNeil brothers up close and personal, but I am still laying claim to a certain hot blooded McNeil *grins*


To get a little tease of my stories, free chapters from SHADOWS AND LIGHT: THE COMPLETE SERIES can be found here: BOOK PREVIEWS
Kira, it has been a joy spending time with you. I would be happy to answer any questions your readers might have. Please don’t be shy.
Hugs to all,
Nancy C. Weeks


Nancy Weeks Author Photo


Nancy C. Weeks lives in suburban Maryland with her husband of more than thirty years. With her two grown children out of the nest, she loves spending her days on her deck writing as the local bird population keeps her company.



Find Nancy at:


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Twitter: @NancyCWeeks



 Happy Reading!

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  1. Kira and Toni! I just love visiting your blog! Thanks so much for allowing me in the door with my unusual guest. You are the very best!


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