SALE-e-bration for Toni Decker Books

It’s time to celebrate people!

tumblr_mwh7plKdDP1rv8b97o2_250Which of course means Dancing and Fireworks



Why all the fun?

One half of the Toni Decker writing team is having a birthday and we decided we’d rather #GIVEAWAY presents to our readers.

So from March 9 through March 13, BOTH our books are on sale for only $.99
I know right? Insane!

But we love to share our stories and want to share them with you.

What you haven’t heard about them yet? Well let me tell you all about them.





If Images are worth a thousand words, hers sing a thousand Eternal songs.

When forbidden from taking pictures of the newest lead singer for an up and coming band, Mandy Hayworth wants to know why. With a supernatural ability to expose truths with her camera, she’s determined to find out his secrets.

Lucien Solvak only had to make a date, give an interview to the hottest local music photographer, get her endorsement, and get out. But when her camera threatens to expose an immortal secret he’s sworn to protect, Lucien has to choose which is more important. The girl, his music, or his life.

You can check out the inspirations behind Mandy and Lucien



Book 2: Shoalman Immortal600x958_eBook_Shoalman_Immortal

Falling in love was never supposed to be part of the picture.

Kyrissa Spears was born with a powerful, and deadly, gift. Her paintings capture emotions so strong they can kill. Desperate to find a teacher capable of helping her unlock and control her abilities, Kyrissa’s search leads her to an artist who may be able to help her. And he’s the one person she can’t accidentally kill.

After five centuries of pain and loneliness, Robert Shoalman craves release from his immortality. He’s all but given up hope until he meets the beautiful and intriguing Kyrissa. She could paint his death and break the curse, but at the cost of destroying her gift and being lost to him forever—none of which will matter if the demon hunting him finds them first.

Inspirations for Kyrissa and Robert



Don’t forget to check out Nerd Girl Official on her FaceBook page for a #RandomSwag #GIVEAWAY  for a chance at 1 of 5 eBook Sets for BOTH books in the The Shoalman Chronicles Series all week long!

Kira Sig


One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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2 comments on “SALE-e-bration for Toni Decker Books
  1. Sarah Bird says:

    Hey!! I had to come check out your page/ books, I just won some random swag from nerd girl!!!
    Just wanted to come say thank you for your donation! (It brightened my day!!)
    Looking forward to starting this series!


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