Character Inspiration – Robert

When you write a five hundred old immortal stuck in a twenty-two year old body, things get interesting. Everything about Robert’s life is a contradiction, so finding the right inspiration for him was hard. But we managed.



I love this picture.

Robert tends to stare through people, study them, missing very little. The front he puts up is a practiced art form, hiding his real identify from the outside world. But after five centuries, a haunted look lurks beneath his expression.
An embedded pain that shadows everything he touches in his life and one he fears will taint Kyrissa.


Then there is this one!


I hope I look this good when I’m five centuries old.

Robert was so much fun to write because of the complexities and contradictions of his existence. He thinks he has nothing left to learn after five hundred years. Boy was he wrong! Kyrissa turns his world upside down—irritating and exciting him with one stroke of a brush. Although he is supposed to be her teacher, she manages to teach him a few things too. Who says you can’t teach an old immortal new tricks!

Who inspires you?


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One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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3 comments on “Character Inspiration – Robert
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