Character Inspiration – Kyrissa

So… I’m a visual person. A really visual person. Whenever I start thinking about a character and what that character attributes are and how they look, I always start with an image. And there are two images that absolutely encompass Kyrissa Spears so thoroughly that while writing I tended to rely on these pictures. So I give you Kyrissa (otherwise known as Amanda Seyfried):

kyrissa2All artsy fierce Kyrissa.

kyrissaAll glammed up Kyrissa.

kyrissa5And casual Kyrissa.

Kyrissa was a blast to write. I love how Kyrissa can be soft and feminine, yet when it comes down to the hard choices, she is incredibly strong and powerful. She grows from a young college student, doubting her own talent, into a self-confident, PASSIONATE woman.

One Robert falls completely in love with – not because she needs him, but because he needs HER.

Who inspires you in your life?

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One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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3 comments on “Character Inspiration – Kyrissa
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