Book 2 of The Shoalman Chronicles

Well at least the Cover is. (Come on January 16th)


Once again, our AMAZING Graphic Designer, Sharon Carpenter, created a cover that captures the heart of the story, as well as, takes your breath away with her striking image.

This one was VERY hard to sit on. I’m not sure who was more tempted, me or Toni, to leak this masterpiece. I wanted to share it the moment we got our hands on it. Both Toni and I are artists in one way or another and this cover appealed to both of us. The paint reminded me so much of Toni’s own art (check out her previous blog post here where she shared her pictures), yet the images captured the emotions tied into Robert and Kyrissa’s story.

To celebrate, We are offering a chance to win a prize packet which includes a signed copy of Book 1, IMAGES ETERNAL and a $10 Gift Certificate. Check out each of the other blogs hosting our cover reveal for more chances to win.

You can Pre-order SHOALMAN IMMORTAL today.

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Book 1 of The Shoalman Chronicles, IMAGES ETERNAL, is FREE as an eBook download from Amazon, December 8 – December 12, 2014


Want to know more about the story that goes along with the cover?


Falling in love was never supposed to be part of the picture.

Kyrissa Spears was born with a powerful, and deadly, gift. When she paints, she captures emotions so strong they can kill. Desperate to find a teacher capable of helping her unlock and control her abilities, Kyrissa’s search leads her to an artist who may be able to help her. And he’s the one person she can’t accidentally kill.

After five centuries of pain and loneliness, Robert Shoalman craves release from his immortality. He’s all but given up hope until he meets the beautiful and intriguing Kyrissa. She could paint his death and break the curse, but at the cost of destroying her gift and being lost to him forever—none of which will matter if the demon hunting him finds them first.


Still want more? Well okay, I think we can share an excerpt with you *grins*



“You keep telling me to trust my feelings.” Kyrissa ran her finger along his lower lip. “Trust yours.”

His mouth sought hers, the taste of her lips more exquisite than the finest wine. He drank her in, wanting more of her intoxicating apples and mint flavor, as well as the one that was just her. The one found only in her kiss. Burying his face in her hair, he pulled her closer, lips trailing down her neck and across her collarbone.

Pulling the fitted shirt from his jeans, her hands slid up his back and sides. Each touch on his skin left him burning. Reclaiming Kyrissa’s mouth with his, Robert fumbled with the buttons on the front of his shirt, feeling her smile when she tried to help him, both of them making it worse.

“Damn it to hell,” Robert broke the kiss, pushing up to his knees to rip the shirt open. The patter of buttons danced across the floor like rain.

“Robert!” Kyrissa laughed at his impulsive action.

“What good is money if I cannot afford to ruin a shirt?” He grinned. “Especially if it is for the right reasons.” He’d ruin shirts every day if she would look at him the way she was now.

Kneeling in front of him, Kyrissa used her hands to push the shirt off his shoulders while her mouth trailed kisses along his chest. “You could have just pulled it over your head,” she teased, fingers working to pull open the cuffs.

“I thought women expected displays like that,” Robert fumbled, distracted by her hands and mouth. In his day, affairs were slower, more reserved. He enjoyed these times better. The women were bolder. More passionate.

“I could get that male bravado bullshit from any pickup in a bar.” Her eyes devoured him. “I want you.”


Copyright (c) 2014 Toni Decker Prohibited from being copied, shared, or distributed electronically without the expressed written permission of the author. Reproduction in whole or part, electronically or mechanically, constitutes a copyright violation.


Make sure to check out the other blog site for your chance to win the gift package.

One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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