Sharing Some Art

photo(8)As we gear up for the cover reveal (Hey, December 10th, I’m looking at you. *wink*wink*) and the release of Book 2 of The Shoalman Chronicles: SHOALMAN IMMORTAL (Whoa, January 16th! That’s so far away. And yet so close. *bites nails*) This story relies heavily on art and painting. In fact our editor asked if one of us was an artist because the detail was so accurate one of us “had to be an artist.”

I admit. I am an artist. I started looking around my house at the art on the walls. All of the art on my walls was created by me (or my kids) and every single piece makes me smile. Happy thoughts and smiles for miles, that’s my motto, which I just coined. Either, I’m sorry or you’re welcome. So I thought I’d share a few pieces because who doesn’t like to smile?photo 1

Now, I’m not a professional artist by any means but I’ve always loved painting. Always. In fact one of my most cherished Christmas presents as a child was an easel and set of paints. Every year after that, my dad made sure that there were paints under that tree for me (though I highly suspect my mom had a bit to do with that even though he took all the credit).

photo 3I am also in love with glass. I love the relationship between the glass and the colors and the way light refracts from it. Sometimes, as an artist you can never be sure how a final piece will turn out because of this relationship.

There’s a story that unfolds with pieces of art. Sometimes you can control it and sometimes you just have to let it happen.

The art of storytelling is a lot like that for me. Yes, I’m a plotter (*puts hand up to block Kira before she comments*) and even though I plan the story out as best I can, there are times that the relationships of the characters and the setting and the world I’m building unfolds into a story I hadn’t planned. And like my artwork, I embrace those relationships with everything that I have because they ARE the story. *hugs*



What inspires you as a reader or a writer? Let us know in the comments.


One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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