And Images Eternal is live…


There are a couple of things I realized when trying to write this post.

First, Kira should be very careful giving me permission to search for new GIFs. That shit is dangerous, yo. Also, sorry *not* sorry about all those new GIF’s in the shared folder. *cough* You did ask for it *cough*

Second, and somewhat disturbingly, I have A LOT of Empire Records / Rex Manning GIFs already and yet somehow I ALWAYS manage to find more. I mean I have a lot. Enough to write an entire post in Rex Manning GIFs telling about the history of the Earth. Almost. Need proof?

How about this one?


Or this one…


And one more for good measure because
BOYS dancing…


See how dangerous this is? RABBIT HOLE. I tell ya. And the hole is deep. I haven’t even gotten to the Knight’s Tale GIF’s and don’t get me started now. Anyway, that’s not why we’re here. At least not today but I will be back with more on Rex Manning Day! Mark your calendars.


 *Wrestles control back from Toni and plugs up the rabbit hole*

Phew! Ok. Back to celebrating!

What’s that?

WHY are Toni and I celebrating you ask?

What’s with all the dancing GIF’s?


4500x2820_Amazon_eBook_Images_Eternal_final v1.0

Images Eternal has gone live


 Yep! It’s true.

Want to know more about the story?


If Images are worth a thousand words, hers sing a thousand Eternal songs

The blood of a Guardian, the heart of an artist, no one can hide the truth from Amanda Hayworth. Focusing her visions through her camera lens, she reveals secrets no one plans to expose, even her own. To protect herself, Mandy hides her ability in plain sight, photographing local bands and showcasing the dramatic images on her website. Most bands beg for a feature article. But the new lead singer of one particular up and coming band isn’t like anyone she’s ever met. Lucien entangles her with his mystery and makes Mandy want things she’s never wanted before—strings.

Lucien Solvak has to impress an influential music blogger whose promotion could skyrocket his new band to stardom or flush them straight into the gutters. But the moment Mandy aims her camera his direction, he fears the images will expose his ties to the immortal he’s sworn to protect and destroy his one chance to live out his musical dream. Hiding from her camera is tough enough. Denying his growing feelings becomes an impossible feat, forcing Lucien to choose between oaths as a Guardian, his rock-star dreams, and the girl he wants.

Secrets define them. Lucien’s bind him to silence; Mandy’s bring her nothing but pain and disappointment. Only when they focus on what’s behind the images can they embrace their secrets for what they are—truth.

So Toni might be right…


We so have to dance.




Links to purchase Images Eternal now available:

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Createspace



One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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