Decisions, Decisions – ANNOUNCMENT! And Some Celebrating!

For a couple years now K and I have been on a well defined publishing path. We’ve written words, rearranged them into story format and sent to critique partners until they stop taking our emails. We revised and edited, all the while assuming we were heading in a certain direction. But then something happened along the way, sent us on a sharp left turn and changed everything…

::cue Rex Manning::

Sorry for the shouty caps but wow, that felt good to say out loud. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve said it, embraced it, told our closest friends, families and support peeps. But it’s the first time we’re saying it here. Out loud. In public.

::breathes into paper bag::

Now, self-pubbing isn’t new. Neither is indie pub, author pubbed or whatever title is in vogue for the practice at this particular moment (not getting too hung up on it since it’ll likely change. tomorrow.) We certainly aren’t the first authors in history to consider doing this ourselves and we will not be the last. But, we are beyond excited and can’t wait to take this next step… (or leap as it sometimes feels like a giant leap of faith and canon ball of nerves all at once.)

And we’re diving into this head first. September 15th…September 15th Did you hear me? We’re pubbing the first book in our new series on September 15th!


This deserves some excitement.

And dancing.


And a confetti cannon…with lights…

How about some dancing in some confetti and lights?

Almost forgot the fireworks…

And now we leave you with this… Because wrestling?
confetti cannon gif

Check back August when we reveal the cover for the first book in our upcoming series! And then stay tuned for the release on September 15th… we can’t wait to share it with YOU!

Toni and Kira…




One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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