Writing Update #3

This week’s writing update has less to do with actual writing and more to do with all the other stuff that goes into finishing a book, planning a series and making decisions.

BtII think I’ve said this before, but we’re finishing edits on BtI, or as I like to call it – the book that cannot be named. To make a long story short, we wrote the first book in a series ~let’s call it SC series~ second and now have a title for the third book which we love. But neither working title for book 1 or 2 goes well with that title. And neither working title is as good ~at least to me~ of that third title either. So, I’m not sold on the title BtI and I’m trying to convince Kira of a better one, just haven’t found one yet. Sometimes the shared brain cells don’t work for either of us. *shrugs*

Ok, maybe that wasn’t so short after all. (And she says I write long.)

Anyways…editing. Turns out I’m better at editing on paper. There’s something about the words printed out that makes me see things I ignore on the screen but those things flash like a freaking beacon on the page.

The other part of this update, I’ll only briefly mention because it influences what else we’ve been working on the last two weeks and what we need to do in the weeks to come. Our path to publishing may have been determined, or at least is becoming clearer.

The journey is one we hope to chronicle as we work through this part of the publishing world. It’s always interesting to see how different writers made the tough decisions to get to their end result.

There will be more information to come, we’re just not ready to share or go into details, yet. That said… the order in which we’re writing stories has changed.

ImageBook 2 ~which was titled SI and may or may not be retitled IG~ of the SC series ~which was written as book 1 but is now book 2~ *headdesk*

Confused yet? *grins* Suffice it to say, book 1 is now book 2 and book 2 is now book 1.

Anyways it needs some rather large revisions based on the writing of book 1, which we wrote second. Duh. Why did we let that happen? In all honesty, we didn’t. It just happened, which is fine because book 1 needed to be written and we love it more than words can say and wouldn’t trade it for all the chocolate in the world. But now we need to fix book 2. It might be a little painful at first, but the characters rock and they’re worth fighting for and we’ll get through this tough revision. We will. *nods*

Yes we will, because the story is amazing and I can’t wait to share it with people. But first we revise and make it shine! Come here darlings, we need to talk. *hides the red pen of death*

And we’re plotting book 3, WIS.

All of this means, though, that RF has been pushed to the back burner. That sucks because I was really looking forward to immersing myself into a semi historical fantasy world and A and C are pretty cool characters. We’ll definitely come back to them, as if they would let us get away with not writing their story.

So that’s been our writing update. Editing, revisions, more editing, make decisions, throw in a contest entry and you know how we spent the last two weeks writing. What about you?


One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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