Music – Inspiration or Confirmation

For someone who requires almost complete silence in order to write (unlike Kira who uses music to inspire her writing), I find it funny that every single finished manuscript or WIP we’re writing, there is at least one, if not several songs, that embody that story. Ones we both agree on most of the time. And in every single case, the song is so spot on, readers might think we wrote the story to match the song. Or vice versa. Whenever these songs play, I can’t help but picture the characters and hear their voices in my head as if it’s the first time. More importantly these songs make me literally FEEL the story. I relive all the laughs, the cries, all my favorite moments of the story and the ones that made my heart ache most. And so I share a few selections of the story writing soundtracks from a few WIP.

SI: R & K story. Imagine Dragons, Demons. Point blank the hero of this story could be singing the lyrics himself to explain to our heroine who he is and how he lives.

BtI: M & L story. One Republic, Counting Stars. I’m pretty sure our rock star hero in this story would perform this song on stage to win over our heroine. But honestly, probably that entire album is fitting for this story.

RF: C &A story. Would have to say our hero wrote the lyrics of Justin Timblake’s Not a Bad Thing to plead for our heroine’s heart.

How about you? Do you use music for inspiration? Which songs do you find most inspiring?


One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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