Writing Update #2

It has been a busy week in the shared brain of the Toni Decker world.

After spending all day together, Toni and I outlined and brainstormed (Nope. Not going to make me say the “P” word) the entire first book of RF, our new NA Magical Realism Romance. While I worked on the outline, Toni was more than happy to color code the effort into our shiny new spreadsheet. (Check out our See Jane Plot Board post).

Damn! she got me to say the “P” word. Those shared brain cells are sneaky sometimes.

We love the mystical aspects that are interweaving themselves into this project. And yes, we had fun betting on who would get to write the hot scenes. I think I lost …or maybe not. (Rearranges chapters in outline before Toni notices) Figuring out the pranks and the sword fights was kind of fun too, and I am happy to say, I get to write most of those!

The chapters are starting to come together and our MC’s are already feeling the magic of their connection. But of course, we can’t make it that easy for them. A little treasure hunting, some pirate hijinks, and maybe some old fashioned male rivalry will ensue before things get interesting between Ayris and Carsyn.

And then there is the dance sequence. *shakes my head* I have no idea what I was eating or drinking to even consider this request from Toni. But somehow, it came out of my mouth. I know she’s going to hold me to it…somehow.


Last week we teased you with an image for BtI, our NA Urban Fantasy Romance. We are in final edits and both of us still adore this story. Lucien is so adorable thinking he has control of a situation, especially when he’s in way over his head with Mandy’s saucy escapades.

We have also entered this story into two contests. I have to admit this was a bit of a scary step – letting the story we love out into the wild for the first time – but now, I (and Toni too although she won’t admit it) am excited to see what happens.

Check back later for more updates on these and our other projects. Until then, happy reading!


One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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