Writing Update #1

BtIThe past week has been pretty eventful in the Toni Decker brain. We just finished the first draft of a 60k manuscript, BtI, and sent it off to a few Beta readers. Kira and I both adore this story so much that I might even admit to having a major, highly inappropriate, crush on the hero. I know there are edits to be done, a few small (hopefully small) revisions to be made, but it’s a great feeling to be at a stage of completeness to share this story with others. You’d think that after writing an entire story, writing a blurb would be easy. You’d be wrong. It’s the part I dread most, summarizing 60k into 200 words or less. Also query letters, synopsis and pitch. Working on them all for this story right now. And yes, the image is a bit a tease for the story…

Naturally, as soon as we hit send on BtI…we started work on another project, plotting, plotting, plotting. I’ll refer to it as RF for now, as a title hasn’t really struck us yet. No image summary for the project yet, I’m working on it. But there’s a logline, a short pitch, rough first chapter, and we’ve been steadily flushing out the backstory. We’re also busy creating our outline, getting to know our characters and their motivations, and did I mention plotting? Yeah, we’re doing a lot of that despite Kira’s slight aversion to the word. (Shhh, don’t tell her, but to make the plotting a little more fun for her, I’ve been leaving funny little suggestions within the outline. She hasn’t found them yet, but I’m sure that when she does, they’ll make her laugh.) So far, I am loving what’s coming out and I think readers will too. It’s different than any other story I’ve ever read and we’re both very excited to get started writing it. It’s also become apparent that I might already have a small thing for this hero, too. I sense a pattern forming but will ignore it for now and see where the relationship takes us, remain at swoon worthy levels or full on book crush boyfriend? Only time will tell.

Until we catch up again…happy writing!


One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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