4 am Blog

Powering up.
Uncurling from woobie.
It’s dark. Everyone else is asleep. Normally I would be too, but the brain decided it was time to write the first blog post.

OK. I give.

Wrapped in my woobie (yes, I am showing my age), have notepad on phone, and most importantly – the shared brain cell.

That last part is the most important. For you see, Toni Decker is a cooperative endeavor. Made up of one part Kira Decker, one part Toni Picker, and one part shared brain cell. Together we manage to write some enjoyable stories.

Guess the shared brain cell decided now was as good a time as any to begin sharing this.

They say writing is lonely work. In some cases that may be true. I have been lucky. Fortunately, I found a group of fellow writers to support and encourage me, as well as, someone to actually write these crazy ideas from my head with me.

Normally, Toni is the early bird and as I write this at 4am she is probably already up. Why the shared brain cell decided to tag me, I am still befuddled. But that could also just be the early hour *grin*

Writing is like that. The need strikes you at odd times–and it truly is a need. What do you do? Ignore the muse and possibly miss a great inspiration or give in and let the ideas flow? The desire can be even more difficult when you co-write.

Co-writing, at least for me, is like a choose your own adventure book. I write a chapter, usually at night (4am is a bit extreme even for me), leave it for my co-writer to read, and wait for a response to see what happens. It’s like waking up to a present.

You have an outline, but their character might respond differently when the scene comes to life *laughs* or steal your scene completely. That shared brain cell does get wonky ideas of its own sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong. This is the best part of the co-writing. Having that surprise and finding out your writing partner had the same idea. It’s kinda fun and what keeps the excitement alive.

We keep each other going. Thankfully one of us is up when the other one is down. We prod and poke until ideas rattling around fall out and take off. And in the end, the reward is a story we both love.

I hope my co-writer is sleeping. So when she wakes up, this post will be her present. Although next time the muse gets the 4am bug to write, it’s her turn.

Curling back up in the woobie
Powering Down
Now maybe I can sleep


One part Kira Decker and one part Toni Cross who share some brain cells to write stories together.

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